A fork/remake of sourcehut for my needs.
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This is my git site, it took inspiration from Sourcehut. Its not a fork but its practically a remake, just for my use case. Please support Drew DeVault at https://sourcehut.org/pricing/. If you are going to run this yourself. I really recommend supporting Drew DeVault because without him this would not exist!


To install you will need:

  • git
  • rust
  • libgit2

Once you have these just run these steps.

git clone https://git.arthurmelton.com/selfhut
cd selfhut
cargo build --release

The binary executable will be at ./target/release/selfhut, you can just run this and your server should start working!


Simply run the binary and a website is going to be hosted at port 8000. I would also recommend using something like nginx to change the port and to do caching. If you want to change the config (this would make sense because at default it only has a example user), edit the file in $(XDG_CONFIG_HOME)/selfhut/selfhut.toml to your liking. To add a favicon.ico you need to add it to $(XDG_CONFIG_HOME)/selfhut/favicon.ico.


This would be a server config that has every attribute set.

name = "Billy Bob Jr"
description = "I am supper cool and think that [This](https://exmaple.com) is really cool!"
git_location = "/var/git"
domain = "https://billyscoolwebsite.com"
payment_link = "https://paypal.me/billy" # this is optinal, if you dont want to take donations then just remove the line dont set it to ""

[mailing_list] # This whole section is optinal, just remove it if you dont want email support
password = "********"
imap_url = "imap.billyscoolwebsite.com"
port = 993

Repo Config

A repo config is a file called repo.toml in the HEAD of your git repo. This controls some things like like the repo description and website. A example would be this.

description="A really cool program I made"

Setup git

You can do all the things in this to get fully setup. You will need to use ssh git to make commits. You will need to run the update-server-info that is below after you do the git init. https://landchad.net/git

Making a new git

To make a new git repo you need to run

git init --bare my-repo.git

After you do this you will need to cd into the directory and make a file at the path hooks/post-update and set its contents to


exec git update-server-info

This should create the git and make it so that people can actually clone it!

How to edit a repo

The way that you are going to edit a repo you own is through ssh.


This can also run on any email server though a open imap connection. The actual mailing list and creation of accounts are handled through different programs. For every repo you need to make a email for it (ex. if I have a repo called "My-Cool-Program" you need to make an email for it called "My-Cool-Program@example.com").